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Friday, May 26, 2006

Our Hearts Are Listening...

Well, well, well- it certainly has been quite some time since I last posted in here. Much has happened since I last made an entry last December. The most amazing, miraculous and surreal of all developments since I last wrote was the birth of my first-born son, Ezra Garret King. What can I say about that event? This is one of those situations where words really cannot do the event justice. Let me just say that the love one feels for a child when God blesses you with such a gift is indescribable. Nothing in the world can prepare you for such a happening. It is otherworldly, supernatural, divine.

I remember a time when, as a know-it-all teenager, I quizzed a friend's mother about examples of the miraculous in this life. She responded by saying that the birth of a child- every child- is a miraculous event. I, again- being a semi-omniscient teen, mocked her response, saying sorry, but that just did not fit the philospophical criteria.

Now- after experiencing Ezra's birth, I'd have to say Mrs. Schurch was right. I was wrong. Period.

Anyway, besides that wonderful blessing, many other developments have happened and are yet in the works. Rather imminently my family and I will be moving from where we now reside in Vancouver, Washington, to our new location in Redmond, Oregon. Redmond is about 3 1/2 hours south and east of here. Most importantly, it is located on the other side, the rain shadow side, of the Cascade Mountains. And what that means is about 75% less rain than we currently receive here next door to Portland.

The last few years have seen quite a few moves. In early 2003 I lived in White Rock, BC, Canada, before moving to Kelowna, BC to be a part of a new Vineyard church plant. In latter 2004 I met my now-wife, Serena, and rather spontaneously moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. In August 2005 we packed up our belongings and drove here to the Pacific Northwest. We'll have been here for just under a year when we make the move to Redmond in about a month from now. We have purchased our first house and we're excited to move in and make a more permanent nest.

Before moving here to "Vanwa", or the 'Couve as locals call it, we really thought this might be the land of our future roots. But for a variety of reasons we feel called to move to Redmond. I really do think central Oregon is going to be our stomping grounds for sometime to come. Of course, buying a house has something to do with that!

Over the last year I have been publishing Precipice Magazine. That, in many ways, explains why I've had so little time and energy to blog in this dedicated Darren-space. I won't make the mistake of saying I plan to write a lot more from here on in. We'll just wait and see how things evolve- in life and in print.

One thing I will say is that after writing about Emerging Church issues over the last year or so, I feel ready to dig into something concrete- something communally, locally tangible. In other words, I'm anxious (in a good kind of way) to see what God has for Serena, the kids and I, in terms of community in Redmond. I feel half-prepared to start an Emerging Church group of my own in the Bend/Redmond area. But, I won't get ahead of myself. We'll wait and see what happens. Our hearts are listening...


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