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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Dynamic December '05 Has Arrived

It's been quite a long time since I last blogged away. There are several reasons for this turn of events. The simplest answer is that I lost my password and so I wasn't able to get into my blog to post any entries. The second reason is that I haven't really had the time or energy to write in here because I've been so busy with other writing projects.; most notably for Precipice Magazine, but also in my day job where I write content for the various travel/accommodations websites that my wife and I webmaster.

Much has transpired since I last wrote in here. I think when I last posted an entry I was just about to re-launch Precipice. Since then I've published 4 issues (one a month). The process of designing, writing, and editing for the magazine has been a real labor of love. It's been great to be able to connect with a community that exists almost entirely in cyberspace. Each and every month the readership of the magazine has been growing as well- so that's exciting too. I've very much enjoyed being part of "the conversation"- as the Emerging Church/postmodern shift is not so covertly referred to as.

Speaking of community, my wife, daughter, and I are very connected in with the Vineyard Church here in Vancouver, Washington. The last time I wrote I think we were just beginning to get settled. I never cease to be amazed by the degree to which God is constantly opening up new opportunities in the Kingdom. I honestly feel more aligned with some of the incredible "monk warriors" I've met at the Vancouver Vineyard than with any other group of people from my "ecclesial history". I'm really impressed with our pastor because his rich and diverse understanding of Christianity allows him to hold together a great diversity of people under one spiritual umbrella.

Anyway, December is a busy month for the Kings. First up is our daughter, Autumn's birthday on the 9th. She will be 4. She's now at a really fun age where she gets quite excited both about birthdays and about Christmas. After that comes Christmas of course- which we'll spend lying low here in Vancouver (the Couve to locals) because of the next expected big event- the birth of our son. His due date is January 9th, but the consensus seems to be that he'll be arriving early. Perhaps right around Christmas day! And right after that, Serena and I celebrate our anniversary on the 28th. So, as you can see- Christmas is a dynamic month for us; in more ways than one.

Anyway, I think I'll leave it at that for now. This was a good reintroduction to the life of DBK here at the tail-end of 2005. I plan to be posting more often now that Precipice seems to be cooking along with relative editorial ease, and now that I've retrieved my blogger info! Maximum shalom to all your souls from the bottom of my heart and from the southern tip of Washington state in the spectacular Pacific Northwest.


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