A Christian discussion blog for those interested in living a blend of Christianity that is as counter-cultural as it’s supposed to be. As a counter-culture we need to make ourselves truly different, yet also truly available – to anyone and everyone. Postmodernism is here and the Church needs to embrace a paradigm shift- (i.e.- emergence). And we need to do this while coming together (i.e. convergence). The journey continues…

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Re-launch of Precipice Magazine

I thought I'd drop a quick line to say that the re-launch of Precipice Magazine is now only a day or two away. The September 2005 issue is finished and now its just a matter of waiting for it to be published (i.e. propogated) online. This new issue of the magazine comes almost exactly 4 years after the original launch of Precipice- in October 2001. The magazine deals a lot with postmodern culture and the church, but will also address discipleship and a host of other age-old, and always relevant, Christian topics. Stay tuned...


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