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Monday, August 29, 2005

Divine Intervention Over Coffee

My family and I have been situated in our new location in Vancouver, WA for three weeks now. The area, as I've mentioned before- is stunning. We've already made trips out to the Oregon Coast and to one of three nearby volcanoes- Mt. Hood. Yes indeed, exploring our local geography has been a blessing. Being a long-time Northwest resident, it feels "like home" to be back here. This has felt even more like a homecoming than I was expecting.

Beyond the glory of the Creation all around us, what's been even more encouraging is our slow progression into community again. While we were in Tennessee we knew our days there were numbered- and so that prevented us from getting too involved with a local body. For both my wife and I, "doing Church" means being a part of a living, breathing, community of believers- who seek to live out the fullness of the gospel in everyday life. We've never been about showing up on a Sunday morning and nothing more. So we were more than ready to get plugged-in again by the time we arrived here.

Last week I rather spontaneously had coffee with a local pastor, who's in his early 30's like me, and part of a team planting a new Emergent-style church here in Vanwa. We immediately hit it off. So much so in fact that I had the feeling that God was moving supernaturally. My wife and I had been praying for months that God would knit us into the fabric of a community He had chosen for us. In this initial meeting with this new friend, I felt like our prayers were bearing fruit right before my eyes.

I love it when you feel God moving in your life in such ways. There really is nothing like it. You suddenly feel like the experience of those in the early Church isn't so distant from your own experience after all. And its great to be reminded of the ways that prayer pays dividends (I hope that didn't sound too consumerist!). Let me put it this way, via the inspired words of Lauryn Hill- "consequence is no coincidence". I think that about says it.

Anyway, so now we begin a new chapter in life with September just around the corner. For me, September has always been a harbinger of new things. Yes, the feeling goes back to the experience of primary school. I've never really shaken that feeling- and I'm glad I haven't. There's something pleasingly childlike about it. Anyway- I'm ready for this new chapter to begin. Bring it on, I say. After all, when one is fresh off the experience of God moving to intercept circumstances, one is fully ready to enter into an adventurous future. The radar is on. Stand by for more...


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