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Sunday, July 17, 2005

On the Precipice of Something New: Culture, Faith and Fire

It's been quite a while since I last wrote in here. That being said, that's not because I haven't been writing. On the contrary, I've been writing and reading pretty feverishly lately. It seems that this blog, which I've only been working at for a few months now, has been a part of a resurgence in my desire to write about issues of faith and culture. Looking back on this blog, it was a couple months ago now that something seemed to “catch fire” in me. Let me explain.

Sometimes you get the feeling that God really is leading you towards something specific- and that He does so by confirming by multiple sources, the rightness of that direction. This blog has been just one of those sources. So it seems that this blog will serve as a jumping off point for me. I say that because I've decided to re-launch my old site- Precipice Magazine (pun kind of intended!).

This online magazine was publishing monthly issues a few years ago now- (Waybackmachine tells me it was during 2001 and 2002), discussing topics to do with Christian faith and post-modern culture, with a specific vision to see the Church (in all its fragmented forms around the World) move towards a convergence. In that sense the magazine was at heart- all about ecumenicalism.

Well it seems that Precipice this time around will be addressing not only "convergence" but also "emergence". It seems that the growing Christian "conversation" known as the Emergent movement makes the original Precipice mandate all the more relevant. And that's why I'm picking it back up. Because I want to be a faithful contributor to the conversation, and because, above all else, I feel called to it by the Holy Spirit.

So if you're reading this, maybe you'll tune in. The first issue is scheduled to be published in August- with monthly issues to follow after that. If you're a writer and you want to contribute to the magazine- then please feel free to write me at darren@design-essentials.net. Ideally I'd like to have multiple voices involved- after all, it is a "conversation". I really believe passionately in some of the causes people like Brian McLaren and the Emergent movement are championing. I have seen a vision of the future- and I want to be a part of bringing it into being. I believe that God is "in it" and is helping it to "emerge". I'm just hoping to be a messenger.

Let me just close with a reminder that the "cause" is as much about "dialogue" as anything else. Remember, "conversation" means its still unfolding. The journey has a joy all its own. Let's enjoy the process the same way that two friends sit down over coffee and enjoy the unfolding of an afternoon dialogue. Then we can gain, not only a sharper focus for vision/mission, but also a renewed commitment to relationship. If such were the case, then I believe this conversation will have the Kingdom written all over it. Shalom.


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