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Thursday, April 14, 2005

What Respect Will Earn You

I've been really intruiged this week by the amount of attention paid to the passing of Pope John Paul the 2nd. Because the secular news media can tend to feast on stories which ridicule and "demonize" Christians, you know something really special has occured when the opposite is the case. And the opposite has very much been the case this past week. Everywhere you look, listen and read, tribute is being paid to this man whom Catholics are already hailing as a saint.

So what's the deal? How is it that a man who stood so unashamedly and aggresively against the liberaliztion of morals in the West, is being hailed, even by the most liberal minded as a "great man". Well, I think it all comes down to one word- respect. People might not necessarily have agreed with everything this Pope said and did, but they certainly respected him. They respected him because his views were consistent and because his views expressed an overwhelming appreciation of the dignity of every human being on the face of the earth. He might tell you that what you were doing was wrong, but he would also tell you that you were of infinite importance to God- and thus, to him.

And of course, there's one last thing that marked this Pope as perhaps the greatest in centuries- and that would be his compassion. In a media culture where image reigns supreme over substance, the vast majority of images of this man show him smiling, reaching out to hold people's hands, or bending down low to embrace children. As the saying goes, an image speaks a thousand words. That is so true. And since the Pope's death, a hundred thousand words have been written of his life and of his love.


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