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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Walk in the Park and the Mathematics of Glory

I am all of 33 years old. In my "time" thusfar I have run 2 marathons- one in Vancouver, B.C. and one in Kelowna, B.C. In recent years I have also been an avid cyclist. In my last year living in Kelowna I spent almost as much time cycling as I did driving my car. Really I drove only when necessary. So clearly you can see that I enjoy being outside- "in the elements" as they say.

However, while that is the case, I can't say I have ever been very much into walking. Certainly, being from the Northwest, I have spent my fair share of time hiking- but this is not really walking. The difference between walking and these other activities (cycling, running, and hiking)is- rigour. When I examine each of my former joys I see that each had in common the element of rigourous exercise. I ran two marathons not because I enjoyed running 26 miles, but rather because a part of me enjoyed the sheer absurdity of running such a distance. And when it came to cycling, I was only interested in the kind that produced a punishing ache in my quads.

Well, as you might have guessed by now, this is beginning to change. Recently I have taken up- walking. I know, that sounds rather counterintuitive- rather mediocre, rather (I can't help myself) "pedestrian". But please let me explain. And please here me out before you accuse me of mereluy giving in to "am aging vessel". After all, I am only 33!

I should point out that this all began because of Autumn. Believe me, when you have a 3 year old daughter with you it makes running a little more difficult (though I have attempted this on several occasions with her locked securely in her stroller!) And yes I know you can get those nifty, mega-aero-dynamic running strollers now- but I don't have one.

Now, while it may be true that I shifted to walking- for Autumn's sake, I have since found out that walking has a some real merrit of its own. Now I know you "EXTREME" sports enthusiasts out there are thinking "what can walking possibly do for me?" Well, primarily its not so much about walking in itself, as it is about what walking, as opposed to other forms of evercise, allows you to see and experience. I am happy to say that at the ripe age of 33 I am more amazed by the beauty of God's Creation than ever before. And that in itself is a peculiar and fascinating thing. And walking is the perfect way to enjoy it.

I am finding that as the years go by I am more and more in awe of the earth's natural beauty. And of course this is greatly contrasted by the fact that as I age, I am more and more sickened by the sheer lack of beauty in the barbaric acts of mankind- beginning with none other than myself. So while one is growing more grotesque, the other is growing undoubtedly more dazzling. Now, while some may fear that this kind of adoration of "Nature" could become a thing unto itself, let me assure you that for me all this does is point my eyes and heart straight to the throne of Heaven.

Now the great thing about walking is that, like golf, its the kind of thing that one can do, and more importantly perhaps- do well- as one grows older; even much older. And when I compute the math in my head- in this particular case "the mathmatics of glory", I suspect that the way things are going, I'm likely to be nealry bursting with utter joy by the time I reach 50. Remember, when it comes to my time in Creation, I am experiencing the law of increasing returns.

And come to think of it, this brings about a rather happy thought. Wouldn't it be a marvellous thing to- almost seamlessly pass from this world into the next- while strolling through Creation like Adam? Then, as Paul predicts, we certainly would be going "from glory to glory". Anyway, here's to walking- give it a try sometime. It may not be "extreme" but it certainly is "divine".


Blogger impossibless said...

Wow, i reallyl ike your blog, but cannot really post comments on any of your other entries because they tend to be all related to each other. i enjoy walking too, and i agree it is divine. sometimes it seems as if we are all rushing to and fro, without pausing, losing focus and handicaping ourselves. instead we ought o rest more, afterall, Jesus never rushed.

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