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Monday, March 21, 2005

Mystery: A Lost Art Not a Lost Cause

While there is no shortage of negative baggage related to the post-modernism that is prevalent in much of Wester society today, there are also some really positive shifts; I suppose that's true of any era and its philosophical leanings.

The aspect of postmodernism that I'm thinking of- is a belief in mystery; a belief in reality that supersedes pure logic and most certainly pure materialism. We as the Church could really seize this opportunity to talk about the mystery that surrounds our faith.

Unfortunately, in the West, the Church has lost much of that sense of the "unknowingness" of our Christian experience. I say its high time we got more in touch with that mystery again. In mystery there is mystical romance- and surely that's a journey we'd all love to be on- and a journey God would love to lead us on.


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